Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peto twitter pics - by EricFromParis

Eric From Paris has a Twitter and has posted a number of Peto pics.

And Peto has a Mac? I knew it!

Go here!

Peto on Ericvideos

French POWER-bottom (notice the caps) is surely no newcomer to the porn scene, having released numerous "Eric From Paris" amateur movies for at least ten years.

Needless to say, Eric From Paris (as he now often is known) just had to have Peto.

It must have been a very good fuck. Peto is now a Ericvideo regular.

The videos are techically far superior than anything Peto did for Machofucker.  And there is even HD available!

So far these videos are available on EricVideos. I hope there will be more!

- Express draining for thirsty cum lover
- Jérémy gets seeded by Peto Coast the Machofucker XXL
- Marco the hunk, fucked and filled by Peto Coast recommended
- Nathan plowed by Peto coast XXL
- Plowed and seeded by Peto Coast and his buddy Joe
- Plowed and loaded by Peto Coast XXL recommended

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bringing macho back

It was his scenes for the well-known bareback studio Machofucker that made Peto a shining star in the world of gay porn.

Sadly, the Machofucker site looks like it was designed by a half-blind school librarian. In 1997. And there is hardly any info to be found.

 List of movies (may not be complete):

- Berlin Underground
- Cuffed (withdrawn? - was listed as 'to be released') 
- Crazy Dutch Man
- Doing Casper   recommended
- Gilo
- Milan Gamiani   recommended
- Nicholas 
- Raw Barcelona 1 (w. Spanish bubble butt Jorge Ballantinos)

Many scenes have since popped up on various Machofucker compilations.

Peto on Berlinmale

                                                                                 Peto's chest hair *swoon*

As far as I can tell, Peto began his cinematic hole drilling in a series of Berlinmale videos. In all, he seems to have made a total of five for the Berlin-based (duh!) studio.

- Peto Coast (solo)
- Peto Coast + Blue Velvet  recommended
- Peto Coast & Falk  recommended
- Peto Coast + Jorge*
- Peto + Rubskin

They are all available on

Unlike some studios Berlinmale understands that those who buy their porn want to download the scenes. So kudos for that. However, bring on the HD!

* The brave bottom Jorge later went on to serve Peto in a number of Machofucker videos.

Peto on Wikipedia.

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if 95 percent of the entry is false.

At least we know he is adorable and has a huge cock. That's enough for me.